Caught in the Text – Religion as Literary Tradition

There is a persistent tradition, especially within the so-called Abrahamic religions, to identify religion as based on sacred text. That is nowhere as apparent as in Islam, where the first words of quranic revelation are identified as “Read!” (Iqra) and where the relationship with other faith communities is often based on the question of whether these are “people of the book” (ahl ul-kitab) or not. In this workshop Leyla Jagiella wants to take a look at these processes and wants to show how the interpretation and retelling of sacred stories opens up spaces for human freedom and the discovery of new social dynamics. She presents her case from the perspective of both an academic engaged in secular Studies of Religion and a European activist in the field of progressive, feminist and LGBT-inclusive Islam.

Venue in Publika TBC.

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Leyla Jagiella is a Cultural Anthropologist and a research assistant in Studies of Religion, at the Chair for Contemporary Cultures of Islam at Bayreuth University (Germany). She is also a chairperson of the LIB e.V. (Liberal-Islamischer Bund), an organization of progressive and inclusive Muslims of Germany. She is a fellow of the Muslim Institute (London) and a member of the Global Queer Muslim Network.

Her academic work focuses on questions of orthodoxy and heterodoxy in the Islamic discourses of South- and Southeast Asia, as well as on the representation of gender and sexuality within these discourses. She has been an activist in the fields of progressive and inclusive Islam for the past few years and has held workshops on feminist and trans inclusive approaches to Islam in Germany, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Pakistan.

Sat Sep 10, 2016
1:30 PM - 3:30 PM MYT
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CLassroom: Room 8, Level U2, Block C5, Publika
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Venue Address
CLassroom: Room 8, Level U2, Block C5, Publika Malaysia
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